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gravatar Ngo Minh Nam is my name. I'm a young developer who loves developing on web and mobile platforms. Always having a hunger to learn more and more about the newest technologies out there. I strongly believe in a learning process in which one applies all acquired skills in solving daily problems. A huge fan of Open Source technologies and I love sharing with people around about every single Open Source technology I come across. In fact, I hope to become an Open Source advocate in the future. I spend my spare time programming and finding ways to improve my programming skills as well as cracking my head to solve programming riddles/puzzles.

Mac OS X is my main platform for development. I'm totally addicted to Mac due to all the wonderful software that make my life easier as well as its performance. Some of the tools that are my everyday companions: Alfred, Coda, TextMate, Transmit, GitX, TextExpander, Snippet. Those really are my lifesavers. I really have to agree with this quote: "Linux for stability. Macs for productivity. Windows for solitaire".

Open Source is what drives me. Actually, it was the main reason why I started learning programming. I wanted to contribute to open source community as well as to create my own open source projects and let others contribute to it. I'm just amazed at how open source has gone so far and at all the wonderful technologies that are popping up everyday. And it's definitely even more fascinating to know how the community operates in order to create such a good outcome. As the result of being an Open Source enthusiast, I'm currently holding a position of a president in Open Source Interest Group in my school (Republic Polytechnic) whose main role is to raise the awareness of Open Source and develop students' interests in IT.

My Work

Pronounce It is a Google Chrome extension that I developed within 2 days. It will pronounce any word on any web page that you highlight. You can also type the word in the textbox to check the pronunciation. The initial thought of developing this extension started from my own need of having a pronunciation guide during the period I was revising for IELTS. It helps in assisting you to learn proper pronunciation while browsing the web. Yes, I do believe in learning by playing. It has helped me and I hope it helps you too. If you are using Google Chrome, install it here and give it a try. The source code can be found here.

Push SMS is an Android application that allows you to send SMS from your phone but on the web browser on your laptop or PC. Sounds cool? Actually, I started developing this application in order to test Android 2.2 push feature called C2DM and didn't intend to release it. Now it's on the market and if you want to install it, go to this website for more details and instructions. I have released the source code for this app here.


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